Homemade baking recipes with photos

Every baking has its own secret. Lush pies, thin pancakes, airy biscuit, baked pie are excellent results of those culinary specialists who have knowledge about these secrets. Now they are available to you. On the “We invite to the table” website, our guests share a truly exclusive experience in cooking delicious homemade cakes, which can also become your signature dish, able to gather all your relatives and friends at the same table.

Many culinary masterpieces presented on the site can become a worthy decoration of the festive table. Most of them have a fairly simple cooking technology that even a child can handle. If you have your own original baking recipes, please share them with our guests - perhaps your dish will become the star of the category!

Want to make perfect thin pizza, lush cupcakes, airy bread, unusual cake, classic tiramisu or super chocolate brownie? - Welcome! We will help you achieve excellence. We are sure that our pastries with photos have already instilled an appetite and inspired you to your own culinary experiments.