French crepes with poppy seeds

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French crepes with poppy seeds

French crepes with poppy seeds

In France, crepes (lescrepes) are baked - thin yeast-free pancakes in milk. They are often served with orange sauce and called “Suzette crepe” in honor of Suzette de Carignan, the beloved of King Louis XV.

Lightness and tenderness distinguish crepes from other pastries - these pancakes literally melt in your mouth. Properly prepared pancakes are considered an indicator of the professionalism of cooks from the banks of the Seine and a pride of Parisian housewives.

To prepare thin French pancakes with poppy seeds, we need:

  • 300ml/10oz cow's milk (from the refrigerator);
  • 200g/7oz wheat flour (you can replace ½ part whole grain);
  • egg - 2 pcs.;
  • 75ml/2.5oz vegetable oil;
  • 55g/2oz granulated sugar;
  • 30g/1oz pastry poppy;
  • butter;
  • salt.

Crepes Recipe:

Step 1. In a deep container, beat 2 eggs with a whisk or a hand blender.

Step 2. Add milk and vegetable oil, mix. Pour a pinch of salt and all sugar.

Step 3. Beat until all sugar has dissolved.

Step 4. Sift the flour, add portionwise to the egg-milk mixture, preventing the formation of lumps.

Step 5. Pour poppy, mix until completely distributed in the mixture. Leave on for 10-12 minutes.

Step 6. On a strong fire put a pancake pan, grease the surface with butter.

Step 7. Reduce the heat to a minimum, pour the pancake mixture portionwise into the pan with a thin layer. The optimal amount for a tender pancake is 1/3 of a ladle.

Step 8. Ready crepes are folded up a slide, covered with a cotton towel.

Step 9. Serve French poppy pancakes with fruit jam, maple or chocolate syrup.

Cooking Tips:

Step 1. Vegetable oil is added to pancakes refined - it does not give an unpleasant aftertaste to pancakes.

Step 2. Instead of dried confectionery poppy, ready-made poppy seed filling for desserts is also used.

Step 3. The pan is greased with butter only at the very beginning, you do not need to add it again - the pancakes will not stick to the pan.

Step 4. It is important to let the finished pancake dough stand in the heat before frying.

Step 5. Ideally, crepes are fried in a special pancake pan, but if not, then use ordinary dishes with non-stick coating.

We advise you to cook this wonderful unusual dessert and to please your relatives and friends with a delicious treat.

Let's meet this Pancake Week with French charm and Russian hospitality! Bon Appetit!